Copper Star Digital Services


Web Design & Development

Responsive website design and development customized to your needs.


Mobile Apps

Custom-built application development for iPhone and Android devices.

Web Hosting & Security

Technology and services needed for your site to be viewed and used safely on the Web.

Website Maintenance

We'll keep your website infrastructure up-to-date and in good, working order.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization will help your target audience find your website online.

Social Media Management

Plan, schedule and publish across social profiles, plus metrics to guage engagement.


The Front End

The "front end" of a website is what you see when you view a website in the browser. The end result of any rendered page is HTML styled with CSS. But there are a variety of way to do this. Some of the available technologies are listed below.

The Back End

While the front end of a website does all the rendering, the "back end" does all of the processing. This includes calls to the database or an external data source. It also includes computations and other processes necessary before sending the data back to the front end.


If your site isn't optimized for mobile or have a mobile app, you're missing the lion's share of your customers. While Twitter Bootstrap can render a site in any width and have it look good, it still isn't in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Many people look here first.