About Copper Star Digital

Some History

Copper Star Digital is the culmination of a working relationship between Common Good Web Design and Piscean Digital, two independent contractors with successful businesses who became ideal matches for a partnership because of their complimentary skills.

In 2010, Piscean was asked to put up a basic website for the HIV/AIDS Law Project. Piscean created a website for the agency that was used up until 2014, when the law project's parent organization decided to consolidate its web presence and take down the law project's website. Common Good was referred to Piscean for this task. Familiar with Piscean because of its work in the LGBT non-profit community, Common Good suggested the two work together because of their complimentary skill sets.

In 2015, they started two websites, the beginning of their working relationship. In the course of their work together, they realized this partnership was quite the match. In 2016, they started discussions to forge a more permanent relationship. Copper Star Digital is the brainchild of those talks and has built several website since then.

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